The Vampire Game
What will you be?


In this darkness we are the ones that run from both the living and the dead...

You have 90% chance of becoming a human, also know as Prey. Humans are hunted and kidnapped by Vampires to be locked away in Blood Farms.


As the world fell into darkness, Vampires ruled over humankind with no mercy...

You have 10% chance of becoming a Vampire. Vampires kidnap humans to run Blood Farms generating the only currency left after the darkness fell: $BLOODBAGs.


Genesis Mint

Genesis Mint

5,000 collection with 90% Humans and 10% Vampires on chain with special traits revealed 24 hours after selling out.

Blood Farms

Blood Farms

Humans can be locked away in Blood Farms to generate $BLOODBAG. This token can be used to mint a new creature that can be either a Vampire or a Human. Vampires can steal $BLOODBAG and new mints from other farms.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon blocks the sun, letting trained Vampires known as Scavengers go out on hunts against the living and the dead. This new type of Vampire can be minted cheaper than the others, but can also be killed and burned during those hunts. With this event also comes new improvements that will set the standard for the next phases.

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